John Bowers – Vancouver Flux

Apophenic apparatuses. Photovoltaic sound. Electromagnetic ecologies. EMF disturbance. Ghostfinders. Greynoise. Raudive diode receivers. Plasma feedback. Caught in the gap. A hand in the works. Circuits of malpractice. Secret reports. Colourfields. A/V hypnosis. Ether sound. Hiss and hum. Leakage and halo. Flicker. Here the birds burn.

John Bowers works with home brew electronics, self-made instruments and reconstructions of antique image and sound-making devices, alongside contemporary digital technology. He is concerned with making performance environments which combine sound, vision and human gesture at a fundamental physical level. Recent work includes projects to build a music synthesizer using 19th century techniques (The Victorian Synthesizer), explorations of random circuitry (Ohm-My-God), a miniaturisation of Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville’s Dreamachine (My Little Dreamachine), and a reconstruction of early television technology (This Nightlife Instrument). He has been artist in residence at Fylkingen, Stockholm, and is currently interpreting David Tudor’s music to Merce Cunningham’s Rainforest performed by the Rambert Dance Company, London. He is co-founder of the Onoma Research label and also plays electric guitar in the fundamentalist noise rock band Tonesucker. J. M. Bowers is part of the Interaction Research Studio, Department of Design, Goldsmiths, University of London.

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