Andres Wanner – The Art Machine

The Art Machine draws portrait-pictures of visitors and sells them as miniature printouts. Based on the live-image of a video-camera, it traces object-contours in the manner of an artistic drawing. Users observes the algorithmic generation of their image on a computer screen. By moving around, they have a substantial influence on the generation of the evolving image. They also decide on the moment of completion by depositing a coin or token, and then obtain a printed copy of the portrait.
The Art Machine engages users to participate as co-creators of interactive photography and thus introduces an egalitarian perspective into creation. Authorship is shared between the art-programmer and the user.
Let yourself be drawn!

Andres Wanner holds an MSc in Physics (University of Basel, Switzerland) and a BA in Visual Communications (University of Art and Design of Northwestern Switzerland). His field of work is where art and technology intersect. He likes to tinker, invent and to play. He is on the faculty of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

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